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This site is dedicated to the memory of the famous Teatro del Lago motion picture theatre and its infamous surroundings in No Man's Land, now a part of Wilmette, IL. The Teatro, as its intensely loyal following knew it, was a unique and uniquely situated neighborhood theatre that operated continuously from 1927 until 1965. Stay tuned for more information to be posted here; for now, here's a brief timeline:

Plans for a 1400-seat Spanish style theatre were announced in the September 19, 1926 Chicago Daily Tribune[1]. We have not as yet ascertained the date of groundbreaking, though the same article stated that construction would begin "probably this week." A drawing printed with this announcement is very similar to later photos of the final product. Architect was Edwin H. Clark[1].

The Teatro opened Saturday, April 23, 1927, showing "Afraid to Love" starring Florence Vidor and Clive Brook[2]. The theatre was equipped with a 2-manual, 10-rank Kimball theatre pipe organ, opus KPO 6952. This organ still exists, perhaps the most substantial remaining artifact of the Teatro[3].

On November 1, 1964, it was announced that the theatre would be razed in February, 1965[4]. This plan was withdrawn, and on February 26 the Chicago Tribune announced that the Teatro would continue operating[5]. Confusingly, this article states that the planned closure had been for March 1.

The last show at the Teatro was on September 10, 1965[6]. Demolition commenced in late December 1965 or early January 1966, most likely the week of December 27, 1965[7].


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